Tuesday, August 13, 2013

12 Weekly Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Want some cute ideas for taking weekly or monthly pregnancy pictures to show your cute growth to family and friends? I love these clever ideas for taking these photos.

I love this idea for printing out your weekly pregnancy belly photo and making a flip book or something you can easily see how much you have progressed in your pregnancy.

I love this idea, it looks like they used a liquid eyeliner to write how many weeks pregnant on her belly.  

I love this idea, take a picture of your belly against a wall and then you can go into Photoshop or another program to add text of how many weeks and what's going on in the pregnancy.  
From:  klenehans.blogspot.com

Here is the same idea with a blank background as well.

Cute idea using a doily to write down how many weeks pregnant you are.  I think it's cute she used the same shirt or at least the same color in all of the pictures.

I also really liked this idea of just taking a picture of the silhouette of yourself infront of a window.  This would be easy because you wouldn't necessarily have to get all cute with hair, make up, and dress for the pictures.

Even if you are inconsistent in taking pictures of your pregnant belly or some weeks you just don't want to, I love this idea of making a book (I use Shutterfly) and add fun pictures representing weeks of your pregnancy.
(Did not find actual source)

There are many websites out there that will tell you what size your baby including what size fruit is most likely the size.  I thought these pictures were cute especially if you are holding the fruit and are standing on the side so you can see your cute belly.

Chalkboard is still very popular right now.  I thought this was a cool idea to use chalkboard to tell how many weeks along you were, and to also include your kids if you want.
Here is a different angle of photo you can take for weekly pregnancy pictures.  It's from above which is so cute.

 I liked how these pictures didn't have a sign but she used her hands to show how many months along.

These weekly stickers are so cute and can be used on whatever clothing to show how far along you are.

Here is one of my photos with a chalkboard background I put in my Ung Drill frame.  I printed these out every few weeks and I loved taking these pictures.  I'm selling these chalkboard signs on my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PearlPearDesigns

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