Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Organizing Tips for your Baby's Closet

If you are looking to organize your baby's closet, here are some tips that might help you along the way.  I redid the closet a few times and could have used some tips. 

1) Do you like having your things laid out or hidden (bins)? For me, I bought BINS

I love when things are organized and everything isn't out in the open.  I prefer boxes/bins which, I admit, can take a little more time taking things in and out, but it helps me keep organize and know where everything is.  So my first step was to buy boxes/bins.  I got these from Zulily in different sizes of what would fit into the closet. I made sure they were durable, neutral color to be used in other locations in the house later on if needed.

2) What things are going to be in the closet or in other places in the nursery?

Do you have other places to store your baby's things? If you have a changing table, you probably will have the diapers and wipes right there for convenience, if you have a dresser and want to only keep clothes in there you don't need to add clothes in the closet.  Find out what makes sense and what is more convenient.
Anyway, I laid out all of the baby's things in the middle of the floor and started sorting.  

3) Sort the closet items

Since I had different bin sizes I figured out what things would go in which boxes by laying everything in the middle of the floor and sorting them into piles then picking the box that would match the size. I also remembered that I haven't bought everything for the baby so I also estimated how many more onesies, blankets, etc. I would be adding to the closet/bins.

4) Label up

Labels are an easy way to know what things are in each box.  It doesn't help only me, but others who might come in looking for things. I used a blue that would match with the rest of the nursery and could easily be replaced if in the future we would have a little girl.

I used the Silhouette to cut out the shadow and words in vinyl.

Right now here is a look of the closet. Usually you can't change the structure of the closet, but everything inside can have a certain place and purpose in the closet.


  1. Your closet is so big! You are so organized already, you are going to be a great mama! Way to go!

  2. I definitely need help organizing my baby's space! I love the adorable labels.

  3. Great ideas! I will have to pin this and refer to it when we have kids! Thanks for sharing :)

    Yvonne @

  4. I love these bins! Your closet looks like a dream to navigate!


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