Monday, June 24, 2013

Which Maternity Support will you use?

I know there are many kinds of maternity supports out there.  Some to just wrap around your waist and to discretely hide under your clothes.  Right now I'm wearing the BellyBra which not only hides extremely well underneath clothes, it supports my body and my ever-growing 7 month belly so I can get the support and comfort I need while doing my daily activities.  

Here is one of the awesome BellyBras.  You can choose from a nude color, like the one above, or black or white.  The thick elastic on the bottom is 2 inches long and is shorter in the back so the front fits underneath your belly for a slight/gentle lift feeling.  I loved how comfortable the lift was for my stomach and really relieved some of the weight on my back.

Here is the front and back of the BellyBra, as you can see, it has a built in bra with elastic under the bust.  This maternity support also has a full panel covering the stomach which I think looks smooth and comfortable under clothing like shirts and dresses. As you can see in the back, the elastic is higher and rests in your lower back and the back has a panel that is a 1-way stretch that gently pulls shoulders back.  No hooks or other metals to push against your skin and machine washable!

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