Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bucket List before baby

As it's getting closer and closer to baby time, we decided to have a 'bucket list' to make sure we get certain things done before.  It's giving us ideas of what to do this summer and getting things done so we can have little or no stress and not scramble to get things ready for our little bundle of joy. Here is a quick snapshot of the beginning of our list to give an idea.

Bucket list includes two categories:

1) Things we want to do and might not be able to until a little after the baby is born
- like going to the movie theater together, my favorite restaurant, certain hikes or events

2) Things we need to get done/discuss before the baby is born
- like starting a college fund, finishing the dresser, or fixing our car so that expense is taken care of

Let me know if there are other things I should add!

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