Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mobi AnimaLamp Review

Looking for a cute light for your child for their homework, bedside reading, or for a car ride? Mobi's AnimaLamp is a popular, and adorable, light for your child to bring with them and use wherever they go. These lights (which come in a giraffe, monkey, and bunny) work without being plugged in for up to 8-12 hours per charge and have a touchable light control which can brighten and dim the light.  

Here is the light in a closed position.  It stands on it's own and when the light is on in it's closed position, it is a perfect nightlight for your child. 

The 'heads' of the AnimaLamp tilt to provide the right angle and lighting to your child's task.  You touch the button to turn on and off the light and holding it will adjust the brightness in the 12 LED lights.  

Some of the other uses I thought of are using it for piano lessons, in the outside playhouse, nighttime nursing and diaper changing, in our dark closet or under the bed, and more.  The thing I love the most is not having to always have this cute kid's lamp plugged in, it can seriously go anywhere with me and last a long time without being plugged in. I also love how sturdy it is, and light for kids to carry and bring around.

Perfect task lighting for Lucie who wanted to play with the AnimaLamp. These cute lights have been awarded the Mom's Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold and National Parenting Center Seal of Approval awards.  
Want to get one?! Go to to view their cute AnimaLamps and go to my link here to enter to win.

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