Monday, June 10, 2013

Buttons Diapers Cloth Diapers

So I'm sure the first time you heard someone say they use cloth diapers for their children you thought they were crazy. I know my mom had used a cloth wrapped around our bodies with a safety pin and that's what I envisioned when I first heard one of my friends converting to these updated and new "cloth diapers". Well, cloth diapers have come quite a far way. I'm shocked at the comfort, durability, style, and fabrics that are now being used.

I have a giveaway currently going from Buttons Cloth Diapers for you to try, or continue using cloth diapers.    Giveaway here.  You can save so much money and help the environment without sacrificing comfort and durability from normal diapers.  To be honest, I think cloth diapers like from Buttons Cloth Diapers are more comfortable than regular diapers.  

Awesome leak proof fabric and have you wondered why all of those snaps are on the covers of cloth diapers? It helps to customize the shape and size of your baby (9-35 lbs) and grows with them so you aren't buying more cloth diapers than you need. 
Here is a view of the inside of the cloth diaper.  Inserts snap in two places to help keep them in place (I think this is such a better option than hoping your towel in the diaper will hopefully stay in place by the next time you change the diaper).  Also look how soft and comfy the inserts are, perfect and soft for your little one.
Cloth diaper (your choice of 5 colors) with 2 inserts is what  you'll get when you win my Buttons Cloth Diaper Giveaway.  Enter to win by June 30, 2013.  

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