Friday, May 17, 2013

Diaper Bag Gender Reveal.... It's a BOY?

So, you might be thinking "I thought she was having a girl".... well we went to the students at the hospital at 16 weeks and they were 75% sure it was a girl, then Fetal Studios at the mall at 17 weeks said they were 98% it was girl. Well, we were considering not going to the doctor's ultrasound at 20 weeks since we already knew but found out they check all of the organs to make sure everything is ok so we went (at 21 weeks actually).

 Chris didn't work that day so we went over there excited to see "her" little face and organs. The first question the doctor asked was "are you finding out the gender today?" I said yes and sat down in my chair saying they better say the same thing as our last ultrasound did and we laughed.  I was still getting all comfortable and within seconds of her placing the ultrasound monitor on my belly she said, "ahhh, looks like a boy"....

"WHAT" I said whipping my head toward the screen (I was looking away getting all situated).  "I take it that's not what the other ultrasound said?" said our poor nurse who looked again and took many pictures and said "yep it's a boy!"  Wow, I had her check a few more times for us to be certain and for the shock to sink in, but yep it's true, we are definitely expecting a little BOY!!! We are so excited and feel bad we have been calling him by a girl name, decorating his room in pearls and pink, and buying and making him girl clothes.... many apologies! Here are his diaper bag diaper bag gender reveal pics :)

My husband created this to tell the change to our family. hahah, it's called "Things Change"

Well, we still have our 'boy' scratch offs we'll send to our family.

 And lastly, here is our announcement from the Bahamas, cancel the girl one I posted and sorry I probably look like a beached whale.


  1. What a surprise! I had my ultrasound at 16 weeks and they said it's a girl. I have my 20 week one next week. Hopefully nothing has changed because she already has enough clothes for the first six months of life. Now you can have some more decorating fun, right?

  2. well at least you didn't get to the birth to discover they were wrong - like a friend of mine did- had all these lovely pink things and it was a boy- at least they already had a boy so had some boys things from him!

  3. Elise I've commented on so many things about this, but I just cant get over it. Anyway, you look darling. You are such a cute pregnant mama!

  4. Hi Elise. It's been a while since I've had a chance to stop by so I thought I would today. So happy I did! Congratulations!! Boys are just the BEST!! Biggest congratulations!!

  5. Now that you are over the shock, I'm glad you find it funny! Thanks for a good laugh.


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