Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Modest Maternity Swimwear Websites

As I'm looking around for modest maternity swimwear this summer, I wanted to put together a list to help you out as well of all of my findings and favorite images from the stores.  Pricing includes the whole swimsuit whether it be a one piece swimsuit or tops and bottoms together.

1) Nordstrom Maternity Swimwear pricing around $100+

Nordstrom doesn't have a ton of options, but they have some really cute tankini maternity top and bottoms you can find online.  Nordstrom has great quality materials and brands that are extremely flattering.

2) prices around $35-70 

I love the styles at  They have many modest maternity swimwear and many solid colors and one pieces if that's what you're looking for.  

Another cute maternity one piece from

3) Target Maternity Swimwear pricing around $40

Not a ton of maternity swimwear on Target's website.  If you prefer solid bottoms, Target only has solid bottoms at the moments to match their cute tankini maternity tops.  Their prices are also extremely reasonable for these maternity swimsuits.

4) Kohls Maternity Swimwear pricing around $35-$60

There's not a huge selection of maternity swimwear on Kohls' website, but they definitely have some fun patterns like checkers, floral, and stripes and most swimwear comes in sets so you get your tops and bottoms together.  Kohls always has sales so look for some great deals here!

5) Destination Maternity pricing around $50

Destination Maternity has many great modest swimsuits to choose from.  Right now the convertible straps are in style so they have a few cute patterns to choose from.  Their pricing is extremely reasonable and most tops are $26 so if you have your own basic bottoms you can always use those or mix and match.

6) A Pea in the Pod pricing around $100 

Some of my favorite modest maternity swimwear come from A Pea in the Pod. I love their patterns and fit of these cute swimsuits.  They give a really expensive look and they have a great variety of maternity tankinis and one pieces swimwear.

7) Old Navy Maternity Swimsuits pricing around $50

Old Navy has some great basic swimsuits for great prices.  Tops and bottoms are bought separately and tops start around $25.  Their swimsuit tops are a little higher than some of the other stores and cover up more. 

8) Gap Maternity Swimwear pricing around $60-$80

Gap doesn't have a ton of maternity swimwear online, but they do have some different styles.  Here is the same pattern in their swimsuit, the first is a one piece.  I don't know if it still is saggy or when your pregnancy belly grows you can actually fit into it, but I'm not sure I would wear this style.  If you are looking for bottoms that are higher than normal maternity bottoms, Gap has some cute options. 

Here is the same pattern as above from Gap Maternity as a cute tankini drawstring.  

9) South Beach Maternity Swimsuits pricing around $40-$60

If you love the cross over style swimsuits, South Beach has some way cute styles and patterns.  I like how some of their swimsuits convert their straps from halterneck or shoulderstraps.

10)  Pickles and Ice Cream Maternity pricing from $78-$100

I have never been to Pickles and Ice Cream, but I loved their variety of maternity swimsuits. They have tons of tankinis to choose from.

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  1. I love the Modest swimsuits I found at Burlington Coat Factory. They have such great prices and I really like my new bathing suit.


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