Monday, April 29, 2013

It's a...

We are having a little girl! It's been so fun announcing this big news and why not use a few ways.
First of all we went to a student station in the hospital to find out the gender.  All I know is that this baby is going to be way active, the ultrasound had her moving SO much, we were told this was the most active baby they had seen.  We came out of that appointment with 75% sure it was a girl.

We went to Fetal Photos to find out for sure.  I liked how they had a huge room with a big screen for family and friends to join and a doctor who was able to check and take lots of pictures.  100% sure it was a girl! We were so excited especially since family was coming into town for my sister's wedding. 

On our cruise we took It's a Girl and It's a Boy pictures in the sand in St. Maarten.  

 To tell our family we took some fun pictures, it was so dang cold and windy... balloons probably weren't the best idea, but we tied them down with a rock so when we opened the box we could take pictures over and over with the balloons.  Eh, we ended up just popping them out of the box though.

For Aunts and Uncles coming into town, they were able to use the scratch cards I made to tell it was a GIRL.  (Sorry bad picture) 


  1. This was a cute post. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! :)


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