Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chic Pink and Aqua Blue Girl Nursery

 Found this amazing chic nursery from The Weaver's blog which was done beautifully.   This baby girl nursery has pinks, aqua blues, and whites and I love the walls with the wainscoting and tree decal above the crib.  
In chic nurseries, sometimes there is an overkill of floral pattern, but this nursery has only hints of chic floral fabric and has other cute designs found on the wall, pillows, and other decor which are really nicely done.  

I love how a boring tv hutch can be transformed into a beautiful baby dresser.  So dang cute!

I love tree decals in nursery and dressing up a girl nursery with 3d flowers is a cute accent to further bring attention to the crib and tree artwork.

Along with the amazing tree decal, the initials on the other side of this baby girl nursery matches so well.  

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  1. I just stumbles across your site you have some lovely things thanks for sharing.
    I will be a regular visitor


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