Monday, January 28, 2013

Candy Kid's Boutique Baby Shower Gift Sets and More

Wondering what to get for your friend's baby shower? There are so many baby gift sets at Candy Kid's Boutique that are so cute and come in an adorable presentation for the new mom and baby to be.  

Do you have any golf fanatics? This "Sweet Tee" three piece golf set is adorable with a golf onesie, hat, and shoes.  I love the golf cart it comes in. I love gift sets because of how everything inside matches or relates to each other and how the packaging is so cute.  Who wouldn't want an adorable gift set at a baby shower. 

This little "Dilly the Duck" baby towel set is adorable.  This set comes with a terry hooded towel, wash cloth, and a pair of slippers with cute little ducks.  Perfect for a boy or girl. 
I love this cute "5 Little Monkey" set from Candy Kid's Boutique.  This baby shower gift comes with a cute little banana rattle, plush monkey, adorable blanket with rhyme on the trim, door hanger for the baby room, and a cute keepsake basket with a part of the rhyme as well.  

How about a cute ice cream or safari sock set?

Besides baby gift sets, they have so many adorable baby girl and boy clothing items.  Here are some of my top favorites from Candy Kid's Boutique, the newborn outfits were one of my favorite items that caught my eye.

 Many boutiques have only girl items. I love how Candy Kid's has both boy and girl items.  I've heard of Ruffle Butts but Rugged Butts for boys? I love it, this football outfit (they have other sports as well) is amazing!

Here is adorable toddler boys outfit too. 

Checkout this cute boutique for cute Valentine's Day clothes as well for both baby and toddler.

Cute Chenille blankets, burpies, and more from Bebe Bella Designs

And.... Candy Kid's Boutique is excited for the following vendors coming soon!

* Maison Chic - cute blankies, travel pillows, toys
* Swankee Blankie - Blankets, bibs, burp cloths
*Robeez - baby and prewalker leather shoes
* Kidorables - rain coats, boots, umbrellas, hooded towels
* and more! I can't wait

To see more amazing products, go to Candy Kid's Boutique or check them out on Facebook.

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