Wednesday, January 30, 2013

100% certified organic cotton at Bungalow Bebe

Did you know that using organic cotton on baby clothes can be a healthier option for your baby than regular cotton?  

A huge percent of non-organic fibers are treated with pesticides and organic cotton is toxin free and has way less exposure to these pesticides   Baby skin is also very sensitive so the softness and durability of organic cotton is healthier and softer.  Lastly, regular cotton starts wearing after 10-20 washes, but organic cotton can hold up to 100 washes before starting to break down.

All of these reasons make me want to get baby products with organic fabrics.  I love Bungalow Bebe where all of their items from shirts and pants, to booties and hats are 100% certified organic  material which I know is going to last longer and be a healthier option for my baby.

At Bungalow Bebe, you can find adorable organic girl clothing with style and comfort.  

Here are two adorable outfits from Bungalow Bebe.  I love the style and colors they have for the girls clothing.  You can also find: dresses, pants/bottoms, one-piece, booties, leggings, and shirts for your little girl as well.

For boys organic clothing, they also have so many cute designs for your little guy to wear.  Of course everything is 100% certified organic material and super soft and comfortable. 

Look how darn cute this shirt and pair of shorts would look on your little man.  So cute for playing outside or just hanging around the house.  Those shorts are adorable and come in many colors I want to snag :)

So come and check out the high quality and affordable prices at Bungalow Bebe.  Right now check out some of their sale items as well! Enjoy 100% certified organic material for your little one. 


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