Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Precious Huggabeans

This month Chris Bosh welcomed his new baby boy into the world. At the hospital you can see little Jackson Bosh in his cute little jersey and... the most adorable Basketball Beanie from Huggabeans!!! This 100% cotton baby hat was feature at TMZ ( and kept Jackson warm in the hospital.  Huggabeans sells this hat and many more.  They are handmade with love and care for your new little one.  
Here is a front view of the Basketball Beanie.  I love the basketball crocheted on the side and the orange color on the top and along the bottom edge.  This particular hat is made from 100% cotton, but you can find many baby beanies from Huggabeans made with different yarns, needle sizes, colors, and styles.

Here are some more boy beanies from Huggabeans that you can find on their website.  They are all hand crocheted and there are so many designs from this cute button beanies to their helmet and sport beanies.  

Huggabeans also has adorable beanies for baby girls with a variety of pinks and whites.  You can find these cute beanies with bows or crocheted flowers which makes these stylish for your little one, but of course warm, soft, and comfy.  

Here are some Animal Hats from Huggabeans.  You can find hats from cute little cats, bumble bees, bears, frogs, owls, ladybugs and much more. 

Here are a handful of Huggabeans Elf Hats. This little blue hat is made from chenille yarn and has a darling strand coming down that can be shaped into a heart or in so many ways to make your baby pictures look precious.  Check Huggabeans out on Facebook as well to see more cute pictures and be updated on products.


  1. I will take one of each as long as the baby comes with it!

  2. Ditto! I love babies! I think I'm inspired to make some baby hats now! :)

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    Love these little hats and the baby photos are so wonderful. Makes you want to have another one (and my youngest is 33!!!)

  4. How adorable!

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    Love these baby snaps! Gorgeous (especially the twins in the basket - adorable)!


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