Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Baby Shower Idea

Chic & Cheap Nursery posted these pictures of this amazing baby shower. I love it's name "Spring Baby Shower Soiree" and how everything is bright and there is so much attention to detail. Look at this ruffled cake. Ruffle cakes have become so popular recently and there are instructions online on how to make the icing ruffles, or you can go to a local baker who might be able to create something like this.

For this baby shower you can find pinks, greens, and yellows. For creating a baby shower 'table display' like this where everyone grabs their food you want to create different heights. You can see there is a tall branch in the back and the two cakes are on stands with a wrapped package underneath. The cupcake stand gives more height along with some of the other accessories. There are medium height objects, such as the grapes and gumballs and then there are lower items like the cookies, banner, and favors. Creating different levels will create great look for your baby shower food table.

Such a cute sign. Think of some cute entry sign you can have for your upcoming baby shower. The sign can be by itself, on a wreath, in a frame or whatever you would like.

There are so many cute favors that you can buy or create yourself. For this baby shower they placed candies in mason jars with fabric under the seal. You can always have companies print out customized candies, stickers, or wrappers with the baby's name or due date to create customized favors like you see on the last picture (filled with mini cupcakes and a sticker).

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