Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Box Custom Painted Furniture

Baby Box has amazing custom hand-painted furniture for nurseries and bedrooms. They have a few lines of custom furniture pieces that include armoires, dressers, tables, desks, beds, etc. which can create a unique and specific style that you want to design your child's bedroom. Here are some of my favorites:
For baby cribs I loved these designs that are hand painted. These first two come from the line AFK or Art for Kids who can design and paint any piece to match any color or theme. Look how beautiful these designs are.

These two beds are from Newport Cottages. I love how these beds can look so different in a nursery. I love how this first bed is higher on both ends and I like the stark white color of the second bed with the design detail found on the side of the crib and other matching furniture.

I absolutely think these hand-painted AFK changing tables and armoires on their website are spectacular. You can make them as fun as you want and the designs and colors can be however you would like.

Also, there is furniture you can buy like hand-painted toy chests, shelves, wall art etc. This armoire and nightstand are from the Newport line who also do custom painting and finishing anyway you would like.

Can you believe all of the detail in these designs. There are so many amazing furniture designs through Baby Box and so many possibilities for you to create the perfect bedroom for your child.


  1. I see baby themed posts- hinting something?;) haha

  2. I've been thinking the same thing! :) Been noticing these posts for a while and I've been meaning to comment

  3. Wow! I love babies and all the things which related to the babies. The above pieces are so gorgeous. I got the some white pieces of furniture. You would really be pleased to click here and see my ideas which can really resemble your ideas. Anyway, thanks for sharing this beautiful post.


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