Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gondola Adventure

For my birthday I really wanted to go on the gondola rides at the Venetian. There was a huge wind that picked up outside so we had to do the rides inside around the shops. It was such a great time, I loved it. Our guide was a crack up and sang to us in beautiful Italian.

We would pass all of the shops and everyone would gather on the bridge to hear our guide sing.
It was so fun, under each bridge Chris and I would kiss because it is good luck.

In front of the Venetian shops.
Before we left town we went to some stores and to the largest Forever 21. I took a picture by the E for Elise of course.

Such a great time!!!!


  1. I was just in Vegas and had no idea there was a giant forever 21 store-- now I'm just gonna have to find my way back.


  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by at paintingwithpicasso - now following you. Looks like you had a wonderful time! :)


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