Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 Days Until....

My Christmas Shopping will be Mostly Completed in 10 Days. You might be asking "what is in ten days"... the answer is Black Friday. Yes, madness does reign this day, but there are way too many great deals to pass up. Here is my gameplan for Black Friday:

  • Know ahead of time what you need/want - going in with a plan of what you are targeting will help save time and money. You might miss some of the deals you were originally targeting because you were distracted by all the other deals.

  • Do Research Before - I have some awesome apps on my phone that I check to see what great deals are going to be that day along with what time the stores open. Compare stores, there are many websites where you can type in the item you are looking for and you can find the cheapest store that carries it.

  • Just because it is a good deal or on sale doesn't mean you need to get it- this is always a general rule. I am all about a good deal but I try not to just buy to buy.

  • Manage your time well - find the top 3-5 items you want to get and make sure those are top priority. Go to those stores first. Many stores will open at different hours so you need to have some kind of timeline of that morning.

  • Online - some stores have the same Black Friday deals online which might save you the hassle of going in, depending on the item

  • Look for doorbusters - if there is a store that you need to go to see if they have some free deals or other deals that you might need.

There are many other tips for Black Friday shopping, but hopefully this helps if you are going out on that crazy day.

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