Sunday, May 8, 2011

The ways I'm like my mom

We just had the cutest primary kids sing for Mothers Day. I'm so grateful for my mom, one thing that I was thinking about today was the characteristics I have from her.

~ first of all we look a lot alike, I have gotten that since I was young.
~ always having encouraging words. My mom knows the right things to say and always is so inspiring.
~ a love of crafts and being artistic... Definitely did not get that from my father. Well maybe a little, my dad graduated in mechanical engineering and my mom did graphic design so interior design is my creative side and business is trying to find more practical solutions in processes.
~ putting the Lord first. My mom always taught us to place our foundation on the Savior and everything will be alright.
~ love of trying new things. During my BYU years my mom thought it was awesome to do my one "blow of class" a semester. She taught me to just not do the bear minimum but life is continuous learning.
~ think ahead and have goals. My mom was a big goal maker, now living away from them I have learned for myself how important goals are and how we do become better by pushing ourselves to be better.
~ to look out for "the underdog". My mom taught me that everyone needs a friend and it takes just one person to stand up for someone to make a difference. I have and will stand up for ppl and am not afraid to do so especially when ppl are being made fun of and when its morality right.
~ being a leader. My mom taught me that there are too many followers in this world and not enough leaders. We can be that example and light to ppl. We can be that lighthouse unto the through and.god examples.
~ being a good people reader. My mom always gets ppl and has a deeper understanding. If ppl were ever unkind, rude, whatever... She would always read deeper into the situation and help me know maybe that person had a hard day, or maybe that their family oas having some hard times so they might be more put offish, or maunder that someones insecurities wee making them be more self centered. I don't know if those made sense but she taught me more about ppl.
~ not caring what others think and to love who you are.

Happy Mothers Day! Thanks for all that you have taught me. I'm like you in so many ways

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