Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The definition of a ghetto car

The definition of a ghetto car:

A car that you can't take in the car wash because the sunroof leaks.
A car whose radio won't work so you have to blast music from your Ipod.
A car whose AC doesn't work so you need to roll down the windows, but two are not working.
A car whose door panel is in the backseat because the window wouldn't work and it had to be fixed.
A car whose driver's door handle is off and you need to open the door by pulling a wire, or just go through the passenger side.
A car whose side mirror is crooked and you need to manually adjust.
A car whose been scraped on the backside and crunched on the front side and hasn't been fixed because the damages are more than the car is even worth.
A car whose ceiling sags (from the water from the sunroof).
On the other hand, a car whose door handle is off on that driver's side and you need to pull the metal bar at the right angle and the right strength to open it.

All of these things together equal= "THE PUDDLE JUMPER" (aka the name for my car).

Ok I could go on and on but this is the state of my car right now. I actually find it humorous because it seriously is not in the best shape but know what... it gets me from place to place. As much as I want a new car right now I think its such a good idea to save now and get something nicer later. I'm glad that we have that ability to wait.

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