Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Buggy" each other with love

So my BYU roommate introduced me to the word "bug" to describe something annoying. If someone we knew was being a combo of dumb, annoying, rude, a jesabel, and arrogant... The word "bug" spoke for itself. Chris and I tease about it and its an inside joke so for Valentines Day, I found this bug and filled it with goodies. We now hide it to "bug" each other as a little reminder of our love.
Here's the bug in Chris' shoe

Ha, in Chris' jacket.

Chris hid it in my closet handing on the hangers.

And I hidout here in his side table by his bed and took this picture for him to find it.

We've his it a ton other times, today I found it under my pillow. Hmm where should I hide it next

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