Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pictures of me growing up

Me and my baby bottle in our Indiana house. Something to know about me, I didn't use a pacifier but sucked my thumb till 9 years old.

Emma and I when the power in the East Coast went out and we didn't have power for about a week. No power in the grocery stores, no gas stations open, no lights or power in downtown Detroit, NOTHING!

We lived right behind this golf course in Bloomfield Hills called Oakland Hills Country Club where the Princes came, the Queen, and other famous people and movie stars for the PGA tournament.

Me on my Belle/ Beauty and the Beast bike that I loved! If you look closely I have my stuff animal 'Hush Puppy' in the water bottle holder.

In Indiana again, I was just thinking we had a golf course in our back yard as well.

Going to the apple orchards to pick apples. In the summers we would go and pick strawberries and peaches for jams and pies.

In college, Sophomore year with Hans for her bday.

Cranbrook Swim Club in Michigan. We would play tennis and be on the swim teams in the summer. Here are some of us and our cousins to have some fun.

Infront of the Detroit temple during a summertime with my sisters.

Visiting California, I loved this dress my mom had made me. It had a bunch of animals on it I believe.

My Great-Grandmother Elise and I. I was named after her and I remember she ALWAYS loved her name and I do as well. We would visit her every Sunday which taught me so much.

My friend Lexie and I have been friends since we've been born. She was a bridesmaid for me for our wedding! I love this pic because I look like when I laugh right now.

I love animals. I remember we went on llamas and camels and they spit on me so I didn't like that.

I took some horse riding lessons. I don't know why, but I wanted to stick out my arms hahah.

My sister Emma and I had bunk beds and we had the best times. We would have sleepovers on one of the beds, tug of war from the bottom and top of the bed, and codes. So much fun.

Me in 2nd or 3rd grade for school pictures.

Me as a senior SOOO happy to graduate.

And me all dressed up for Prom when I was a Junior. .

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