Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FINALLY, instructions for the magnetic board frame

Here are the pictures from the magnetic board I made. Chris gave me the board from Robert's Craft for Christmas and I was so excited to put it together. I picked out the colors tan and blues to go with the rest of our apartment. I found the paper at Hobby Lobby and think I covered the wooden frame with 10 sheets of paper.

I first decided what order I wanted the paper to be in and the width that I wanted it. I never did any strip the same size, but you can always do that or different shapes. You can also paint the frames or put a wooden finish or do watever as well.

You can put the paper on many ways, but I would make the paper the width I wanted it to, then lay down the paper in the right location and form it to the frame then cut it in the right spots.

Here you can see how I'm folding it in the right spot and about to use the modge podge on it.

You can see the weird triangle shape it makes. I didn't make rectangles, this is how it turned out for most strips when I laid them down. I then put the Modge on which acts like a glue and gloss coating. I did not put the coat on top because I was goingn to spray it with a finish you can buy for a few dollars at a craft store.

I would put the paper in place and would work my way around the frame. If you want the frame to be symetrical you can always start in both corners to make it matching.

Tadah!!!!! And here it is!!! I lastly put a big 'P' in the corner which I made with vinyl with the cricut. I love the board. I taught our Sunday School lesson with it last week and it can hold picturs, crafts, organize things, etc.

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