Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally Blogging about the Wedding!

So we've been married over a month now! It seems so crazy, but we are so happy and are having fun putting our lives together. We have a cute apartment that I am decorating, we're both working, I love to cook, and are still in the midsts of getting presents.
My favorite is coming home to Chris after our work and not having to leave at night because now we're at the same place! The wedding was awesome, I loved seeing everything come together and loved the support from family and friends, especially those who traveled for us.

Our first picture as Mrs. and Mr. Pearson! Look how happy we look. We made a decision to get married in the temple years ago, way before we met, and it was so great seeing our dreams come true.

Yeah I love these ones by the fountain. We saw them shoot up and ran over to make sure we got some with it.

Cute!!! I love to see the temple

I'll blog later about the flowers I did but this is my bouquet. It was HUGE!!!

Happy to be married for eternity<3 <3

Some more pictures, we had hundreds:


  1. Everything was SO lovely!! I love that picture of you two walking out of the Temple. It looks like it was a beautiful day! Miss you!!

  2. So cute Elise, I love how they turned out! Beautiful!


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