Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yacht Club Adventures

Last weekend was so much fun!!! Chris came into town really late Friday night for some fun with my family, bridal shower, temple, and Cedar Point! I couldn't wait to see him and show him Michigan!
In the morning, we went to the Yacht Club where we had a bridal shower from my Aunt. It was so great! Admire the floral arrangements, I did them by the way :)

Here is one of the rooms my cousin had her reception in actually

These are the cutest bars ever for the shower. On the back it had ingredients for love and everything. So cute

Here is one of the tables for the bridal shower. We got a bunch of frames to put Chris and my pictures all over. I also did the flowers.

Here's the Detroit Yacht Club tower right on the water

Chris and I! He was able to meet a bunch of my extended family and friends

Our cute bridal shower cake! I gave them a blue to put on the cake and it ended up REALLY blue but it was sooooo good.

The main hall after you walk in and go up the stairs. They were going to have a high school reunion there later that night

Cool picture I took with just a handful of the yachts

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