Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yacht Club Adventures Part 2

Some of my favorite people were there. It was so fun for people to come and I didn't have a picture of Chris' parents on my camera but I loved having them there and meeting everyone too.

Guest table for people to sign these cute pages and presents were to the right.

Mi madre and me. Don't worry thats non-alcholic haha

I got Chris in the background mirror I realized

They wanted us to practice cutting a cake. We succeeded

Some of our cute girl cousins. Wish I was in this, this is so cute :)

After visiting and eating, we opened gifts which were so nice from our friends. Thank you

Cute centerpieces I again put together. We got a bunch of silver frames since that is one of my colors and I bought these vases to fill them with flowers

Our table filled with my loved ones. After gifts we told cute stories of how we met, and how we got engaged.

My cute sister and my dad

Hahah all of us together


  1. Aw, thanks for blogging about your bridal shower! The centerpieces are amazing and beautiful, you have got talent! :D Hope you are having fun!

  2. Yes it's been so fun!!! I'm glad you enjoy all of the pics. PS your little one is looking so adorable!!! I hope to see crafty projects from you too :)


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