Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cute Guestbook Idea

So for me, I would not even open a regular guest book from my wedding again. I also would feel like I would have to keep it, but do nothing with it if that makes sense.
I decided to put together a cute scrapbook guestbook that people would sign for different events like the bridal showers, receptions, etc. and then I would put the pages together to have a cute scrapbook to look through all of our engagement pictures.

You can't see all of the detail, but you get the idea to scrapbook pictures and then set them out when people come into an event so they can sign them. I love it so far and have a cute scrapbook to put them in after the wedding.

Make sure your guest know what they are because people might think they are just more pictures out. Only put 1-3 pictures on so there is enough room to sign around them. Don't put a lot of extra things on the pages

Make sure too that you use a soft- tip pen or marker so the ballpoint pen won't pierce other papers or pictures if they happen to stack them.

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  1. such a cute idea - I wish I had used this for our guestbook. :)


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