Sunday, August 15, 2010

Being Tour Guide of Michigan for Chris

Chris' last day here I took him around the area I used to live. I was born in Michigan and have lived the majority of my life here even though I can't believe that this is year 7 living in Utah.
We drove to Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills area where we stopped at Cranbrook Institute which has the top art school of the country. When I was young I worked here for a boys day camp and oh my heck that was a challenge. I had 22- 8-year-old boys. The grounds are so lovely and designed from some of the top designers.

I also went past my high school Seaholm High School and Quarton Elementary and I think its so cool too that my dad and aunt and uncle went there.

We also went to Downtown Birmingham which I love. The building below is the Townsend Hotel where famous people stay. I remember when the Lakers played the Pistons here in Detroit, the Lakers practiced at our school and stayed here while they were in town.
We also had some golf tournaments at Oakland Hills Country Club right behind our old house and when Tiger Woods and a ton of famous people were in town, even the queen and prince, they stayed at the Townsend. We walked inside it's beautiful.

Later on we went to downtown Detroit. This is Compuware where my dad works. This building is so pretty, in Detroit they are trying to build up to make it nicer.

Here is the front, they are a software development company so their slogan is "We make IT rock"... like IT... information technology. I thought it was cool

Here is the inside at an angle. There's a pond at the bottom and water comes down from these things.

This is the DIA... Detroit Institute of Art

This is the old train station which I think is gorgeous. The architecture and detailing is incredible and I didn't know this but this building is in Transformers 1.

Here's us at Mexican Village. So creepy but the food is incredible and as authentic to Mexico as you can get being thousands of miles away

Dang can't remember what this building is but it's my favorite. Again Detroit has some beautiful architecture and was a beautiful city

We were supposed to get another building in the back. Oh well, here is Chris and I in downtown Detroit. 8-mile is the most dangerous along with Cass Ave which is like 1-3 blocks away. Yikes! Chris has my back though

The General Motor building and Renaissance Center. Not sure if those are empty or whats going on but they do look beautiful especially right off the lake at night

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  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! It's so exciting that your wedding is coming up soon!


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