Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saint George with the Pearsons

Last week was so much fun getting back to Utah then heading down to Saint George with Chris' family. After his work, we drove down with his dad and by the time we got there around 10pm... it was just under 100 degrees. It was SO hot the whole time but we got some good color and relaxed around the condo and pool.

I loved the palm trees all around and at the pool it was so hot going from the pool to the pool chairs with our towels that you had to run.

On our way down we had stopped and saw this huge rocking chair that was really tall

We went exploring one day and Chris took me to a cave thing his family calls the Narrows. We didn't go through it but I loved seeing the red rock and trying to carve our initials into the rock

We also went to the temple one day to do work for some of my ancestors. It was an amazing opportunity and I loved being there with Chris and feeling so close to him and the spirit.

A breathtaking sunset we saw on our way home. It was so beautiful. I can't wait to go back there soon

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