Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breaking the record for the World's Largest Water Balloon Fight

Tell me this doesn't look fun. It was SO COOL!

Yesterday we went to BYU to be a part of the thousands of people breaking the World Record for the largest water fight with 120,000 water balloons. I was so excited! Chris and I got there when the waivers were all gone so we waited around for a little while then got onto the field.
All the tv cameras preped, Cosmo was there in his finest, everyone had either yellow, orange, pink, blue, or green on to determine teams. They ran out of shirts but Chris got me a yellow one, we ran to a huge tent and grabbed a grocery sack each which was filled with about 20-30 water balloons and then we waited for the countdown.

Here we are nice and dry before the event. We are so glad to wear tennis shoes to protect our feet and run really good.

Wow, all wet from the fight. They counted down and all 4,000 of us threw them. It looked crazy we were getting wet from every direction, actually I'm mostly wet from Chris hahah, but it was so fun.
Apparently on tv it said it took three days to fill up all of the water balloons and 6 minutes to go through all of them. Since Chris and I were on the side it was great because we were by the tent to grab more of them.

After the fight was over we waited in line where they had huge sandwiches, water, and BYU ice cream. Was this a good decision to go to today? Heck yes. We beat the crowd leaving and drove to the duck pond where we ate our food.

Babies!!! Look at them aren't they cute?! I got so close because the mother duckie was behind the tree and didn't see me approach. Wow what a fun day

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