Saturday, June 19, 2010

Registrar: One who registers

So we've registered and I had a blast. I don't know how Chris is doing, I think he secretly enjoyed it, but he was done at the end and just started clicking things with the store's registry tracker thing.
I went online today.. thank goodness, because I had found things he pressed. I died laughing, we were going to get an
electric toothpaste dispenser,
yellow oven mitt,
animal toy: plastic donut,
oh and some electric hair removal like for your nose.

Hahah he knew I was going back but still I think its funny

Things I learned registering:
1) Chris taught me if I don't know what it is we can't register for it.. happened often.
2) Think realistically the quantity that you need. I wanted to apply for 4 sets of 20 utensils... on top of this other set we registered for.. no way.
3) Register for things we need: I loved EVERYTHING BYU and some other pink cute stuff but those aren't practical or can last as long.
4) Don't register for the 'stuff'... like things you don't need or things that you should buy. I wanted to register for trash cans and stuff but Chris said no.
5) Don't register for things you don't like: I didn't like any of the bed sheets So... we didn't register for any there
6) Keep everyone's budget in mind. Just because you can register for something $400 doesn't mean you should. My roommate told me to make sure there's an average pricing (which is up to the couple)among the registering items.

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