Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm engaged to Chris Pearson!!!

So yes!!! I'm engaged!!! Wow I am so excited I can't even tell you. I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I was so excited, then someone text me congrats in the wee hours of the morning so it took forever to fall asleep, then my mom called at 8am and I had to wake up and tell her details because I was so excited.

So for my story:
Background: Chris' sister-in-law Lynsi asked me Monday to babysit her kids Tuesday (yesterday, June 15th) with Chris. I said yes because they were going to the musical Funny Girl that I used to be in, and Chris was going to meet me there after the gym. Later Monday night when I was hanging out with Chris, his dad called and asked Chris to come along to CA for the business trip that I heard him talk about on Sunday. Chris said he was going to leave the next day and I was so sad but knew he should go. He left my apt early so he could pack and iron his clothes and the next morning I called him and said I was going to miss him and then at 4:30ish he text me saying the airplane was taking off and he would call in CA.

In the meantime, I went to the mall. I was kicked out of the pool across the street from me because I wasn't a residence (even though everyone from our complex goes but whatever) and I was just looking around because I had nothing better to do... pathetic I know Haha. I got really bored of doing that for 3 hours so I decided to go over to Lynsi and Brandon's earlier at around 5pm instead of 5:30pm.

I pulled up right as Lynsi called me saying she wasn't there but I can totally go inside and she was coming back from her mom's any time. I went inside and Brandon came in saying thanks for watching the kids and how he was going to class to drop off a paper and head to the musical.

I was sitting around by myself then I got another call from Lynsi. She said she had to get something into the mailbox before the postman came (I was really dense because it was like 5:30pm) and so I ran to the mailbox and told her: "stay on the phone for a sec, wait... it looks like there is something in here" and as I picked it up it was an envelop with my name saying "Get into the limo and follow the instructions."

Right as I was reading it Lynsi said something like follow the instructions you know what to do and I looked up and there was a sleek, black limo coming my way that very minute!!! I didn't see it till then and I started getting teary-eyed and so excited!! The guy came out to open my door and as I was about to get in I said "wait I need my camera.. actually this is too important I'll get inside WAIT... hold on I need my camera" and I ran inside as the fastest little lightning bolt.

Inside the limo I opened envelop to the instructions:

The first one said to "Come find me in the garden! Come to the south side of the gardens..." The limo ride felt so long I was so excited to get to him! Everything felt so real and I was getting so emotional inside because how excited and happy I was.
Here is a pic of the inside of the limo as we drove to the Noni Gardens!

We got to the Tahitian Noni building and I told the driver this was it, he said he had another address which he drove to which... was the other side of the building. Oh boy. So we went back to the south side which the directions to me said and I got out and there was a Chinese lady who worked there. I asked if I could get into the gardens from the back way and she said "no only through the building to get a pass and sign your name."
I was headed toward the entrance of the building when the second clue said "enter through this gate.." so I turned around where I passed the same chinese woman who said is there something wrong and then this guy at the same time was passing and asked if I needed anything and he worked there. I pointed to my second clue and said "where is this gate" he pointed to the original direction I was going and the Chinese lady freaked out and told him "she can't go there! She doesn't work there! what is she doing!" I left that for the guy and just started running to the back hahaha.

I entered the gate and followed directions to : follow the pictures and look for small lunch boxes along the way." Thank goodness, he knows me too well, giving me directions would be fatal, pictures... I can do.
Here are the lunch boxes scattered along the path, about the size of a picture.

I opened the first one up and it said: "The first time we met I thought you were very cute and outgoing. I also thought you were very kind for taking me to my towed car!"
In the boxes there were sayings about his love for me along with a magnet, and charm for the charm bracelet found in the first yellow box.

The second had a lip charm and the note said "Our first kiss was AWESOME!!! The best kiss of my life!"... I was so about to cry.

The next one had little footballs and said: "We have enjoyed a lot of good sports together. I love going to sporting events with you because you get excited abou the game like I do!"

Green box said: "I love your great attitude and that you are a happy person all the time. I love that you feel comfortable around my family and can say anything!" (Lei)- inside joke, I laughed

Silver box, getting closer: "I asked your Father for your hand in marriage when he was here for your graduation and he gave me his blessing!"... oh boy... water works were going.

The final box I opened said to me: "I am excited to take you to the temple and be with you forever! I LOVE YOU." Oh I was wrecking. It even had a charm of the Salt Lake temple in it.

I didn't see any other boxes and the last direction was "Come to the 2nd courtyard!"

There Chris was. He was holding roses and I just started ... well continued... to cry. I ran to him in this beautiful courtyard with high bushes and flowers and gardens. I gave him a huge hug and he gave me the flowers and knelt. I can't even describe how I was feeling right then. I felt so much happiness and certainty of him being my one and only one. His words were so powerful and touched me so deeply as he spoke of his love for me and how he wanted to take me to the temple.

I knew this was so right and as he asked me to marry him and be his wife for all eternity as he opened the ring and I said yes!!! I couldn't even wait for him to put the ring on. That didn't even matter, I wanted to marry him so much and I knew for certain. I saw the ring and in Young Women's we would always say the guy better do something cute for us to cry so the ring would look bigger.. and it definitely worked hahaha. I started to pick it up but then gave it to him and he put it on me. I was so excited and we embraced and it was just like a storybook.

We went back to the limo to get my phone charger and started calling my parents and family. It died, so we wanted to spend the time with each other. This is me.. goober

K much better.

So exciting!!! We're getting married! Here's some of the rest of the pictures at Noni. It was perfect weather

Limo Riding! We're off to the temple to walk around. Look how excited we are what an exciting day for us!

We went to the Provo Temple and talked about being married there and what that means. I really loved how much Chris focused on the temple. I feel the day we get married should be more of the "marriage" and the temple than the "wedding" and the fun stuff. We're making sure to focus on our marriage together for eternity.

We still had the limo so we took it to that one park right behind Walmart. Before we were official we went there and had one of our favorite dates. It was so fun and memorable and it was so good being back there with Chris.

Back off to Lynsi and Brandon's in the limo. How much fun look at those huge long-stemmed roses (they were like four feet tall) and the lunch boxes. We got to their house after taking a few pics and Chris told me to sit on the couch. He turned on the tv for a slideshow of us and favorite pictures of us together. I started crying again. It was so cute and went to the Keith Urban song "Standing in front of you".

After the slideshow, he took me to the backyard where it was all designed with candles, flowers, curtains in all four corners of the back seating area. It was beautiful. We ate on China and had sparkling cider and PF Changs which was so hot it was such a treat.
So much detail was put into it from our napkins, music in the background, at least 8 dozen roses or other flowers scattered about. We enjoyed talking abou the day and how much fun we had. My fortune cookie said something like I have to pay attention to the color purple.. way dumb I know. hahah

The dinner area was covered, but it started raining so we went to the bench swing.. you know what I mean.. and we sat underneath the umbrella and watched it rain just cuddled up in each other's arms.

What an amazing day. I'm so excited to marry the man of my dreams. He is so thoughtful and kind to me and made this day so special. One of my cousins said "wow, if he thinks of you this much and put this much effort into making you happy, your marriage and the rest of your life is going to be even better." He was so right, I really am happy and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.
Love you Chris!!!


  1. Lady, that boy is a genius. What great ideas he had, I can hardly believe it!! haha

    congratulations, i'm so happy for you!!

  2. Thank you for sharing that, that pretty much made me cry just reading it! I'm so happy for you, and proud of all the wonderful choices you're making! You are awesome and I know you two will have a great time spending eternity with each other. Congratulations! (and please, let me know when and where when that gets figured out, we'd love to come see you on your special day if it's around here)

  3. WOW!! What a GREAT story! Chris, you done GOOD!!! Elise, I am so happy for you...I love the huge smile on your face in these pictures, you just look like you're over the moon! Congratulations!!!


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