Sunday, June 13, 2010

Down East Sale: $490 for $32

Last week was the Down East Outfitter Sale in Orem. It was great! I went to it last year (which was much better, you could fill a garbage bag filled for a certain amount) but this year you had to buy the items individually. I found some great deals and some really cute clothes. I thought they cost more but if I bought everything at its original price it would have come up to almost $500. I got everything (including a Lucky Brand shirt for Chris that I don't have on here) for about $32. What a deal!

Diesel jeans: Originally $200.00, bought for $4.90

Big Star white shorts: Originally $78.00, bought for $4.90

Cute roset clutch: Originally $25, bought for $7.00

Big Star pants: Originally $106, bought for $4.90

Down East dress: Originally $50.00, bought for $7.00

Chris' Lucky Brand shirt: Originally $32.00, bought for $3.00

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  1. That is awesome!!! How did you hear about this sale?


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