Sunday, June 13, 2010

Car Crunch

So, Tuesday I was drivining to Chris' apartment and I was thinking I should get gas on my way over so I won't have to stop on my way back. To make a long story short, I was pulling into the gas station and the Jeep in front of me decided to back up their car and, since there's is bigger than mine, it ended up going over my hood and crunching it. We were totally fine, my car looks awful though hahah.
It's also one of those situations you don't really think about till something happens, where you pull out the license, insurance etc. and you are so grateful everything is there and up to date. Being prepared is so important especially when 'life happens'. So many thing can happen to us, but we have learned from the scriptures not to fear. We can only do what is in our hands.
With the Lord's will we can be faithful and prepared for those trials that might fall upon us. There are going to be many times that we will be tried and tested to see what we will do and handle the situations that confront us. We need to remember the Lord in our lives whether our trials are great or small (and especially when we feel that our trials are minimal) and He will bless us and be there.

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  1. How scary! I'm glad you are okay but I do feel kind of bad for the legendary Saturn


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