Friday, May 14, 2010

Time with Chris

As a couple it's so important to make time for each other no matter how crazy one's schedule is. Right now my schedule is not busy at all, but I love how Chris always makes time to see me, take me out, just talk, or just spend quality time.

Last night we fondued! I don't know if that's a word.. but it is now. I put together some toppings of kiwi, grapefruit, orange, rolos, Goo Goo clusters, starburst.. so basically what I had laying around. We ate it in front of a movie it was so fun!

Today we went and played some tennis. It was perfect tennis weather because it was cloudy, about to rain but thank goodness it didn't, and a cool breeze. It felt great and he is so good!

This morning I went grocery shopping and I got some things for us to eat. Throw it in a crock pot and tonight we are having a scrumptious pot roast which is super easy to throw together! (No this is not mine but I'm sure it's just as yummy. I'm glad Chris isn't a picky eater).
So fun, thanks again babe for always taking time for me :)

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