Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heads is right - Tails is left

Today was gorgeous! Better weather recently I hope it stays like this and gets even hotter!

After family dinner, we went on a drive in the convertible. Chris wanted surprise me this time on our drive and so he took me to Utah Lake where we drove around a lot of it and admired the beauty and talked. On our way home we decided to flip a coin to determine our path of direction. Heads is right, tails is left it's pretty fun. We did pretty well for getting back home without being too off course.

Even though we were just having fun, when looking for the right way to go the Savior is always the right way and will lead us back safely. I loved a talk years ago by President Hinckey about the Lord being as steady as the Northern Star. The Northern Star will never change its course and is so reliable because it never changes, and is always there. When following the Lord we know we can depend on Him because He is the way and He knows how we can make it to our Eternal Destination.

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