Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day!!!

So much fun this last Valentine's Day. Unfortunately it landed on a Sunday this year, but Chris did some cute things on Saturday. He came over that night and had a bunch of roses (which are in the back), awesome chocolates, a card which I cried in, and my favorite... skittles.
It was so funny because Aimee and I are pretty much the same... she also got roses, heart shaped box of chocolates like me.. AND skittles it was weird.

Me so happy with my flowers from Chris. He took me to Tucanos which is a Brazilian restaurant here in Utah with amazing food that they bring around and have you try all different kinds of food and meats.
I got a rose there too and some chocolate covered strawberries which I love. Later that night we had to go to someone's bday but after he surprised me with a movie... not just any movie.. but an all-time favorite... Rescuers Down Under! The one with the mice. I LOVE that one, a few weeks ago he was going to surprise me with a Disney movie but it was so cute that he chose one for us to watch.
Today he so thought about me and everything he did had so much thought and was completely for me :) Thanks babe

Valentines Day: So I went to Chris' ward on Valentine's Day and since it started at 1:30pm I went over early and we made Swedish Pancakes together. They turned out great it was a recipe I had from my mom. I also made a cookie bouquet with a sister in law that I gave to him along with this big Vday card. I'm so proud I used all of the candy and hopefully it doesn't sound bad because its not supposed to haha.

Us before church. My parents sent me a Valentine's day package and I got this cute pencil skirt from H&M which I was dying to wear. We had so fun. Oh I also had a digital picture frame we had a bunch of pictures we've taken rolling. So cute!!! Thanks so much for all you do and thinking of me!!!


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