Friday, February 5, 2010

FUN Hair things

Here's the fabrics I used for my hair piece. I shiny gold fabric and a lacy pink one

I cut both in a circle (the pink one was smaller) and I had pinched it then hot glued it like that so it wouldn't be as flat

Voila! I cut a really small piece of the same gold fabric and bunched it up and just glued it together then glued it on the hairpiece. I also had a clip which I stuck on the back with some felt so it wouldn't tug my hair

Here is the pink/white paisley fabric I used. It was fun to use because it was two-sided and I just used a reverse side on each layer

Here's the fabric laid out. This time I cut mine out in a flower shape by hand. I put the same lacy stuff inside to give it more texture and depth.

Here's a side view of the fabrics put together. I then put a big pink jewel in the middle with a small circle of both the paisley and pink lacy to give it more depth.

I only used this one way cool fabric. I found different parts of it I liked then cut them in two or three flower shapes.

Drop of hot glue in the middle to put it in place. This one is going to be flatter so I didn't pinch the middle. It looks boring but it has a ton of color and a little shiny.

Here's it in my hair

My cute leopard and black one. I don't know what kind of material, but I cut these into circles/ ovals and instead of laying them exactly in the middle, I put the middle two on the side to give it a cool look.


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