Sunday, April 10, 2016

32 weeks pregnancy chalkboard

32 weeks! Weeks have been going by really fast. I've slowed down a lot recently and get more tired.  I take naps now occasionally, sleep longer and it's more uncomfortable sleeping.  The last two weeks I have to go the bathroom at least once a night.  I drink lots of water after which keeps me hydrated and not hungry.  This week I started having nightmares about silly things or fears which is no fun.  My poor husband hurt his back badly this week so I think the nightmares/anxiety are coming from that because I need him to get better before I have this baby :) After I get up at night it's harder to go to bed and I wake the baby up so he starts kicking and throwing punches for a while.

It's harder for me to bend, the last two weeks I've had to go the bathroom so many times, I went to the zoo last week and went four times while I was there haha.  My hips are feeling more stretched out and I think I'm feeling his head in the middle so hopefully he's in the right position. I think I've been having braxton hicks a lot more. I'm not an expert at detecting them, it's only when I feel my stomach or I'm having an intense one that I can tell.  I only feel it in my stomach by my belly button and have them frequently. I start freaking out because sometimes I have a ton during the day. I've been trying to keep it easier and drink more water and eat more.  Right now I think I've gained 25ish pounds if that, my last appointment this week they said I'm measuring ahead so that would be 33/34 weeks now (somewhere in there) but I'm going to have the doctor check it next appointment next week because I don't want to get up my hopes I'm almost there and then go back a few weeks to 32 weeks or something :) I've been more anxious recently so I've packed and put my hospital bag in the car to have a sound mind, made the baby an outfit (with more to come) and I think most everything is into place for the most part if he came now (but don't come now still stay in there!).

Lastly I haven't gotten swollen, sometimes my hands after typing but I haven't worn my wedding ring recently because I'm scared it won't come off. I haven't had any carpal tunnel... yet. Just a few more weeks! I start having appointments once a week and they'll monitor me which is great!

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