Sunday, June 5, 2016

Drew's birth story

So as some background, I went in the hospital three times previously to this.  Originally April 31 for preterm labor, I left dilated to 4.5cm 90% effaced with baby almost all dropped and then came in that next day because I still had contractions every 2-3 minutes and they told me to come in if that was the case because that meant they couldn't stop my labor.  Then the third time, I waited 11 hours with steady contractions (in the hospital they were every 2-3 minutes for 5 hours but my cervix wasn't dilating).  Anyway, that last labor and delivery visit they told me to come in next time if I was bleeding, my water broke, or if I was in dying pain (and ignore the rules for contractions).  My doc said I was an unusual case for her and my goal was to try to make it to 36 weeks then 37.

So.... May 23 my husband went to work and I got ready for the day and Owen.  I felt pain during that morning in my hips but didn't think anything of it until I was talking on the phone with my sister and then I realized I was having painful contractions which I never had with my first or with this baby. I started counting the contractions (my doc said to still be aware of them but don't use that as the main reason for coming in, she also told me if something happens I need to act FAST, like if my water broke I don't even have time to get dressed because I don't have any time to get to the hospital since I was super dilated).  Anyway, I started feeling like my hips were being torn apart, eventually I texted my husband saying to not be alarmed but I was in a lot of pain.  He called immediately freaking out and I told him let's give it half hour more and we would call and talk then (I wanted to be sure and wasn't sure at this time) then I started getting ready for the hospital.  Inbetween the pain I felt 100% fine and didn't feel any pain so I thought it past, the contractions were more like 4.5-5 minutes a part and I knew that I experienced them more close than that.  Regardless, I started getting ready for the hospital and had Owen in the car when the 30 minutes were up.  The pain I was having was really painful, about a 7-8 on the pain scale, feeling like my hips were being pulled a part and my lower abdomin hurting quite a bit and a little in my back.

Chris told his mom to be on alert and he was leaving work (we waiting in the hospital parking lot a few times the last few weeks lol) I told him to call her back and come pick up Owen.  Chris left work and I called him when I got to the hospital (I thought I was going to crash a few times because I was in a lot of pain which would last 30 seconds to a minute at a time), he was 15 minutes away and I said I could wait.  A few minutes later I couldn't wait so I got Owen out of the car and started walking into the hospital.  Right then Chris pulled up and walked inside with us.  We went to labor and delivery outside waiting area and I wanted to count the contractions again since I hadn't been during the drive, before being admitted.  Chris' mom came shortly after so Chris went down to hand off Owen, I said I would wait for him before checking in, but I felt like I was in so much pain during those contractions so I couldn't wait and went through the doors to check in.

1:45pm At the desk I quickly checked in and had a hard time talking during the contractions, they acted fast especially when they found out I was dilated to a 5.5 (since my last appointment that week, they started talking to all of the nurses that I was dilated that much and the doc sent me home dilated that far).  Chris came and I got into the hospital gown, the nurse started asking questions and putting things into the computer.  She was leaving the room and decided to check my cervix and she said "ahh his head is right there" and said I was dilated to an 8.  All of the sudden the room was filled with nurses because they needed to act fast.  Someone was asking me more questions, someone else filling in things into the computer, IV was being put into my arm, the epidural guy was coming in... ALL at the same time which made my panic a little. I was so so glad it was finally time since it was a long time coming (the last few weeks were so so long), I made sure and even asked once or twice if I was admitted and said don't send me home haha.  The doctor who was going to be delivering also came in too.

2:15pm Epidural was all in.  Since I had to get an IV for strep B they wanted to try to slow things down and get as much as they could in my system before he came.  They needed 4 hours to do this so I was praying that he wouldn't come too fast.  The epidural was supposed to slow down contractions, I didn't know that there was a constant drip to the epidural so I pressed it only a handful of times but I ended up being too numb especially on my left side.

2:45pm contractions were still two minutes a part and still as big as when I was in the hospital previously.  The IV was gone and they wanted to wait an hour to get everything in my system.

4pm The nurses wanted to wait 4 hours total for the antibiotic (so until 6-6:15). I had two IV bags total.

4:10pm I ate a delicious popsicle because I was starving and couldn't eat anything.

5:20 Dilated to a 9, Nurses were surprised my water didn't break yet.  They said not too often a mother reaches that without popping.

6:05pm Doctor came in again (my real doctor wasn't on call so I had another doctor who came in to check in on me a few times).  He said if I felt like pushing to let the nurses know asap (which happened twice because I wasn't sure, it's hard to tell with an epidural).  At 6:05pm he broke my water (I was 9.5 cm dilated) and wanted to wait another hour to see if labor kicks into gear.

7:00pm I started pushing for less than 5 minutes

7:04pm Little Drew was born!  7 lbs 2 oz 18.5 inches long!

He is so darling, he started crying as they sucked out his little lungs and eventually put him on me for skin to skin.  I was so excited he was here, we counted his little toes and saw that he might have brown hair (we thought it would be red like with Owen's).  It's so amazing having a sweet little spirit fresh out of heaven be in your arms. Looking into those little eyes is the best thing ever.

In the hospital we stayed two days, night one he slept for a four hour stretch, I couldn't believe how well he could nurse.  From my business I made him a few outfits with his name on them, he looked so cute in them and we loved having family come and visit and talk with us through Skype and on the phone.  We love this little guy so much!  Clothing from Pearl Pear Designs

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  1. Congratulations! God has truly blessed you again! Enjoy that precious, wee babe!


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