Sunday, January 17, 2016

20 weeks pregnancy chalkboard

Halfway there!!!  I had my second ultrasound this week to check baby and make sure everything looks ok which thankfully it does. This appointment was way in depth for his brain, heart, etc so it was so fun seeing him again and I had Owen and Chris come with me so Owen was so excited "baby brudder" was on the screen even though every time we go to the doc he thinks he'll see him.  
I've been feeling baby a lot more and get hiccups.   He's breeched so he needs to flip. I'm sleeping great, eating normal and sleeping is a little more uncomfortable but I still sleep well.  If I have a craving, carmel apples would be it. I bought a thing of carmel so I wouldn't spend tons of money at Rocky Mountain lol.  I've been taking Owen to the museum and other places and staying busy and moving and painting.

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