Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Transforming our Bedroom

I've been meaning to redo our bedroom and get rid of our floral quilt, boring decor and wall art.  After getting rid of our bedspread (phew that felt great) and replacing it with a light blue quilt, fluffy pillows, and our awesome canvas family picture.

I LOVE how my room has transformed! Our focal point is our family picture which I'll put our initials on each side of it.  It looks great, I haven't printed on canvas before and love how it turned out.  I used Printcopia which has amazing quality and affordable prices and it was super easy to use and get our photo printed and quickly to us.

Here is our picture we used.  I added our initials in the bottom corner then adding our initials on the wall to frame the art will look awesome! I love my little family and couldn't believe we didn't have one photo of us in our room.  

 From our old grandma room now transformed into a trendy and relaxing sanctuary, it is so much nicer walking in and our room feels more put together and represents our family!

Next time I can't wait to use Printopia for decals, acrylic printing, panoramic printing, canvas etc. Here are some of my favorite products they have!

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