Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 months

Wow it is getting harder and harder to take pictures of little man. Today I had Bubble Guppies (his favorite show) going while giving him treats and toys, holding a flashing toy and signing... yeah no luck... I didn't get a good picture but there's worse things to worry about.

 This week he's 10 months!  He has three teeth coming in on the top, one came earlier this month (top side tooth) now the front tooth and other side tooth is coming in.  He is finally sleeping every night through the night! Took a few months but know what, he's such a good baby it was totally fine. Even when these three teeth were coming in at the SAME time, he slept through the night and has been great.

He's crawling up a storm, last month was like the worm but he's really crawling and is super fast now.  He loves climbing our fireplace which looks super awful now because it's covered with blankets just incase he hits his head.  He loves watching people and is super friendly and not shy.  My husband and I were super super shy so it's fun seeing his outgoing personality.

His hair still sticks straight up in the air (I measured it is over 2 inches long) and EVERYONE comes up to him in stores and makes a comment. He also loves to cruise and pull himself up, but then get down which is good.  We had to lower the crib to the lowest level and he's just moving a ton.

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