Saturday, May 17, 2014

Aquarium, Zoo, repeat

Now Owen is getting more bored when he's home for too long, or maybe it's just bored of me ... jk. He's been more and more active and loves getting out and people watching. We had a new aquarium open by us which he LOVES, we've gone there probably 6 times since we got our pass the beginning of April.  He loves the animals especially the penguins.  And, most of all he loves people watching, I'll point to the fish and follow them with my finger and he's just looking at the other kids.

Here's his "thumbs-up" of how he likes the shark tunnel at the aquarium.

We also have a zoo pass which is super great and fun to go when Dad is not working.  We watch the seal shows and see the bears.  He really enjoys it and sleeps well when we go out on our field trips.

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