Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to choose your baby shower theme

With so many baby shower themes, it can be hard to pick just one or know what the mommy-to-be would like.  A shower doesn't necessarily need to have a theme, but I wanted to put a list together of different inspiration for you.

Here is a list of baby shower ideas to help spark your imagination and give some ideas of the kind of shower you can have or throw!

Inspired by nursery theme 

If you have a themed nursery, it could be a great idea for a baby shower theme.  Whether it be a nautical theme, sports, ballerina, princess, etc, that could be a good base/inspiration for your baby shower.  Color of nursery can also be a great inspiration because, first of all, the mother-to-be already loves those colors (because she used them in the baby room) and different decorations from the shower could later fit perfectly in the room (from my shower I used a sign and some pennants and pictures which matched my nursery perfectly).

Inspired by color 

Beyond just the pink and blue colors, colors that are favorites of the mom could look awesome and be an inspiration for the shower and the decorations you will have.

Time of year 

Design a cute theme around the time of year is another idea to spark your imagination.  Is it wintertime and you want a cute "Winter Wonderland" type of theme, or maybe not a theme but cute wintery decorations? Same with the other seasons and incorporating maybe colors or decorations around the time of year is an idea. 

Animal Inspired

From "Rocking Horse", "Rubber Ducky", "Mommy to Bee" are cute animal themes along with others to have at a baby shower.  Or if the mommy-to-be has a favorite animal that might be a cute base for inspiration for a baby shower.  I know owls are super cute right now to incorporate into not just baby showers but nursery designs, wall art etc. 

Play on words

My baby shower theme was "Baby and Co" like Tiffany and Co.  There are also clever themes that are play on words such as "Ready to Pop" and "Oh Baby" are super cute.  You can get clever and even use the mother-to-be name to create a clever baby shower theme.

Favorite Baby Books or Nursery Rhyme

From Dr. Seuss to Mother Goose, you can design your baby shower theme around your favorite baby book or nursery rhyme.

Adventure/ Fun themes

You can choose from so many fun themes whether it be a carnival, hot air balloon, princess, trains, candy theme, etc. What are things that could be fun to incorporate or things that you really like?


I love food.  Food can be so inspiring, if the mother-to-be has a favorite dish or dessert that can be a good inspiration for a theme as well.  If they want fish served at the shower it could go in the direction of a nautical or beach theme, or if they want candy or cotton candy served it could be a cute carnival theme.  

Destination Theme

Choose a location, it might be where the baby will be born or a special place to the parents to be.  It can be general like a beach or travel theme, or destination based like France or Italy.

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