Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Maternity Cake Lingerie

So, I've been maternity bra shopping and gosh it's easy to find something comfortable but what about cute and sexy?!  All of the sudden you get to maternity underwear and there's no lace, cute patterns and colors, and sexy designs.  So frustrating, I'm just glad that places like Cake Lingerie make us pregnant/nursing mothers feel good and don't need to take a step into the 'boring underwear category'.

Whether you are looking for a nursing bra for sleeping at night or one during the day, Cake Lingerie understands the nursing mother's needs and creates beautiful bras, sleepwear, and underwear that are not only practical and well designed, but cute and sexy for mothers to enjoy. 

Maternity Bras

This bra has beautiful lace on the edges with cute bows and ribbon throughout.  Do you see how cute the Cake Lingerie Maternity bras are? Definitely not boring and the cups of course drop down for easy nursing convenience. 
Rocky Road Bra
 Another one of my favorites from Cake Lingerie is this Velvet Delight Plunge love the color and design and how it's built with a soft cup that can be easily dropped down.  This bra is gorgeous and what nursing mother wouldn't feel sexy and good wearing this?
Velvet Delight Plunge

Besides cute underwire bras, Cake Lingerie has seamless bras (like the one below), contour, non-wire, and plus size bras.  This is my favorite seamless bra, if you want something comfortable at night or lounging during the day, this bra is more basic in fabric and style if that is more comfortable for you.  I love how this style has no garment tags, side sling for feeding, adjustable hooks and low t-back for support.
Black Cotton Candy

Maternity Sleepwear

Besides bras, Cake Lingerie carries beautiful sleepwear.  I love this Rocky Road Maternity Short Chemise with A-frame support, drop down cups (awesome!), stretchy fabric for stretching, and elastic under the bust line.  So comfy at night and perfect for nursing.

Rocky Road Maternity Short Chemise

This outfit has loose comfy pants and cute wrap which would look adorable as well being paired with different tops or bottoms.  The wrap top has an inside tie for an easy wrap, cute polka dot panels and outside ties, and perfect length that you could choose to wear this piece on it's own.
Apple Crumble Robe and Wrap

Maternity Underwear

Whether you prefer briefs, boy shorts, or thongs, Cake Lingerie has it all in cute colors and styles.  I love these two cute styles with lace or lace designs and cute bows in the center.  All of their bras have a matching pantie set (which you can buy separate) so you can look and feel good during your pregnancy or nursing period.
Sherbet Brief
Blue Berry Boyleg

So which underwear will you be getting from Cake Lingerie? If you love cute and sexy underwear, this is the place to shop!

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