Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tamera and Adam's Celebrity Nursery

I came across this beautiful nursery from celebrity Tamera and Adam on Style Network.  I loved the accents they put throughout the room and their baby blue and tan colors.  They also didn't have an enormous room for this nursery, so it was more relatable for us regular people who want to decorate a room like this.

I think my favorite thing in this room is the "A" initial.  I love the subtle blue color with white and how this would look great in any room as the baby grows up.  I think the A by itself would look a little boring/small for the wall, but having the striped pattern on the wall along with the two framed stars on the side really filled up the space without too much crowding.  If you look around there are many cute accessories from the teddy bears and amazing trunk perfect to keep all of the baby toys in.
This window in the corner of the room would be awkward designing, but the curtains help even it out to make it look even.  

Love this changing table, I love how it's not just one color but has a brown top and the drawers are outlined in the same color.  You can see the red star lights around the mirror (and if you look closely, you can see a cute baby jersey hung up by a blue star) a pop of this red brings your eyes to that point and helps the room give a pop of color. They used red a few times very subtly. 

And here we are back to the crib! What a fun nursery for their little baby.  

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  1. what? tamara from sister sister? love it! her nursery is so cute! how is yours coming along?


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