Thursday, June 20, 2013

Intelligender Test to tell your baby's gender at 10 weeks

When I saw the Intelligender kit online, I got really excited thinking maybe once and for all we can determine the baby's gender.  Quick recap.... I had two ultrasounds that said our baby was a little girl, next ultrasound we were told we were having a boy!  I was so excited to get my Intelligender kit in the mail and it was so easy and nice to use from home.

The Intelligender Gender Prediction Test can show your baby's gender as little as 10 weeks pregnant.  The kit comes with two main pieces, 1) the actual test - labelled boy and girl 2) syringe to collect and insert your urine into the test.

6 Easy Steps to Determine the Baby's Gender:

1) Collect first morning's urine in clean container
2) Remove the sticky tab from test jar
3) Use syringe to pull 20 ml's of urine, insert into exposed hole in test jar
4) Swirl around for 10 seconds
5) Place test on flat surface for 5 minutes
6) Read your test at 5 minute mark and match the color to the boy or girl color chart.

Look at what the Intelligender test revealed... It's a BOY!!!

I'm so excited to confirm our baby's gender.  I would have used this kit earlier in my pregnancy if I could have and it was so fast and easy to use.  Online pricing is $27.99 and 2+ kits are $24.47 each.

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  1. I tried this test too and it said boy. It was accurate! :)


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