Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fitness clothes during pregnancy

As my belly and baby keep getting bigger and bigger, I've found that working out in clothes that are too tight or don't fit correctly make me uncomfortable within minutes.  At first I wanted my pre-pregnancy workout clothes to still fit, but then my baby belly would start showing from my shirts that were becoming shorter and shorter and my yoga pants that weren't covering my growing body.

Anyway, I hated working out in that clothing and looked at Fit Maternity for some well fitted and trendy pregnancy workout clothes to help me not only feel comfortable during my workouts, but feel covered and appropriate as well.

Fit Maternity has comfortable fitness wear from:
yoga wear, maternity workout pants and capris, swimsuits, maternity workout tanks, girdles and panties, shirts and tops that also can be worn post-maternity and for nursing.... and more 

I chose this Rouched V-Neck Maternity Tee from Ocean Lily.  I loved it, first of all it is SUPER soft and has a four way stretch bamboo fabric that wasn't restricting so I could move all about (especially with my awesome prenatal yoga).  The cut is long (which I don't need because I'm short) but I loved it because as I'm doing yoga or stretching I know that I will be fully covered and not accidentally showing my belly or bottom. The V-neck is not too high or low so I know I'm not showing anything off there as well.  

Fit Maternity also has amazing maternity pants and capris which fit amazing (and I for real wear around everywhere.... like people think I probably don't change haha).  I love these 3 in 1 waist capris which you could comfortably fold under your belly, or bring onto your belly depending which one makes you comfortable.  The reason I don't wear my old capris working out is that the panel was WAY too tight and restricting no matter if I put it above or below my stomach. I love how these capris fit to my body, but will grow with me as my belly continues to pop.

Ahh, "stretchy pants" as Nacho Libre would say. These capris are made from supplex which is shrink and fade resistant, flat seams, and is super soft and can dry FAST.  

And lastly check out their maternity workout tanks! From razer back to nursing bra tanks they have you... and me... covered!

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