Thursday, May 30, 2013

24 Weeks Pregnancy Chalkboard

24 weeks! Next chalkboard picture I'll take I'll be in my third trimester which is crazy! And I'm sure you have noticed the frame is now blue which matches the nursery pretty well, but I might paint it lighter. I still wake up many times each night, but I've had less pain in my hips and have an awesome body pillow (with a gel forming thing) which is my lifesaver... Along with a pillow under my head, one under my hips, the body pillow, and a king size pillow for when I turn the other direction. It does take up a lot of the bed so my husband has had to wake me up some nights because he's about to be pushed off :) (I'm so sorry love). During the night I've had some bad dreams, but nothing too terrible (besides once). I try not to watch or read anything too scary before going to bed which has helped, I can get a good 10 hours of sleep right now (waking up but can fall back asleep in a heartbeat) and a power nap during the day which I'm so grateful for because I know it won't always be like that.

Still feeling awesome, I've slowed down a lot and have to do less and usually am way hot.  It's harder to bend so sometimes I'll drop somethings and have a trail and wait for my husband to come home to pick it up because I can't get all of them.

Inches: 12 inches larger around belly
How I've used my time: redecorating the nursery, helping to paint the hutch for the baby room, quiet book for church
Cravings: Nothing particular, just weird combinations of foods. Oh, and snowies are amazing.
Other facts: Achy and slowing down a lot (the sales people at the mall know to go for me because I can't get away fast enough). I can barely fit in most of my "regular non-pregnancy" clothes

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