Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love my Pregnancy Clothes

So, I've never been pregnancy clothes shopping before so it was an adventure seeing what things are out there, different styles, cuts, colors, and more for our first baby/pregnancy.  After looking and shopping around a lot, I absolutely feel stylish and love so many clothes because

Top Fav Pregnancy Clothes Stores:

A Pea in the Pod:   If I could spend all of my money in one pregnancy clothing store, it would for sure be A Pea in the Pod.  They have (in my opinion) the best quality products which are so comfortable and soft, and I love the styles they have.  Here are some of the shirts I have (minus the sequin one I would love to have).  Each week I've noticed A Pea in the Pod has some kind of sale to decrease these cute products.

I love these Pea in the Pod leggings.  They are the softest leggings and I love wearing them around the house.  I have dark grey which are so cute in this spring weather.  

Gap: Here are some of my favorite pregnancy clothes from Gap.  I found these all on sale, the two sweaters in store for $15 and the cute white crossover top for $4.  I love all of the deals I find at Gap and their clothes are always cute and stylish.  I've found going into the Gap stores by us can have some better sale deals on their clearance racks, but you have to look hard.

Motherhood Maternity:   So Motherhood Maternity is owned by the same people as A Pea in the Pod but their prices will be cheaper but less soft/quality.  I really like many of their tops, skirts, and pants.
This top is from Jessica Simpson's collection found at Motherhood Maternity.  Her line has so many cute outfits. 

 I found a cute pair of regular blue pregnancy jeans here from their "Secret Fit" collection.  These two fit so well and stretch out too.

 Lastly, I love their pencil skirts which come in many colors and fit so well.

Old Navy: My favorite thing from Old Navy are their pregnancy maxi skirts. Unfortunately I haven't seen these too many times on sale, but I waited for a sale and love how these maxi skirts fit.  They are a little lower in the front to accommodate a pregnant belly, but I can definitely wear this after my pregnancy as well.  The band on top is perfect to adjusting to your changing shape as well.

I've tried a lot of pregnancy jeans, and I really like the fit and price of the old navy jeans.  I bought some black jeans ($16) and some regular wash ($10), and they fit so well.  I'll wait for when they are on sale and want to try some of their shorts/capris as well.


  1. another site worth checking out: shade clothing (link)
    Great prices - esp on sale! Quality is good too.

  2. Those tops and the pregnancy jeans are awesome and so with the green dress! I want to buy that green dress. That green dress will be perfect for the wedding of my friend.



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